Guruji shows me way past my crippling disease

A Devotee, August 2008 हिंदी
Surprisingly, I was called to see Guruji, the day I resigned from my 16-year-old teaching job. I met Him in December 2003 at a time when I had become rudderless and had been suffering for quite some time from multiple sclerosis.

I went to AIIMS to have darshan of Guruji at a devotee's house. I did not know much about Guruji. On seeing Him, I thought, He is just an ordinary lad in - I think He was wearing jeans. I was told to 'matha taiko' (touch my forehead to His feet) before I left. My worry was: what is 'matha taiko'?

I always used to pray lightly. At that moment, I remembered my mother telling me that women touch men's feet thrice. I touched Guruji's feet once and debated whether I should do that two more times or stop. I walked away after the first time.

I was told by a devotee, who was also on our school Parents Teacher Association, that Guruji had asked me to see Him again, at his house. The devotee had done a lot of work for our school, especially for the computer department.

I was also told to come at Bade Mandir, where Guruji blessed me. I was told to drink water from a copper utensil and asked not to eat rice.

Guruji also divined that I was teaching. The next time I went to Him, Guruji asked me again about my job. I promptly replied that I was working; then corrected myself to tell Him that I had left my job. He said, "So what! Start working from home." It took me quite a while to accept the new way Guruji had shown.

But the story of why I left teaching at school begins in 1997. The students' final exams were going on. One day, I was about to alight from the school bus, when I felt someone hit me lightly on the head. I also felt that fluid was oozing out of the head for a short time. But all was okay. I was by and large fine and did my work well.

It was while returning home that I got my first shock: I saw one car on top of the other on the road. At home I saw two buckets in the bathroom, when I was sure that there was only one. I told my father, who is a doctor. My father, Dr. Mathur, took me for an MRI which showed multiple sclerosis. A disease unknown to many doctors, and with no cure the world over. And then started a long chain of medical tests, hospital stays, drips, and frequent leaves from work.

Multiple sclerosis is a progressive disease and doctors only try to delay attacks. Because of it, I had to quit my job. I need a wheelchair and strong support on both sides of the body; my vision, speech and hand writing are affected.

Yet, I am happy-thanks to Guruji. I am at peace-thanks to Him. I watch many spiritual programmes. I somehow get answers to my questions through these. And I have also started teaching a few students at home.

I have become a total believer in destiny and a firm believer in God. I am a changed person.

A Devotee

August 2008