Guruji saves my marriage

A devotee, July 2007 हिंदी
I can never thank Guruji enough. We came to Him ladened with a business problem and Guruji immediately gave us His sharan. Everything was okay, but my biggest trial was ahead of me.

I have been married for 35 years. I have a son and a daughter, both married, and our house has been blessed with a granddaughter. But, it is said, no one ever gets everything...My husband's habits are not good. He likes to enjoy life and does not want to take on any family responsibilities. And when he drinks, which is what I was really afraid of, he becomes violent and abusive.

My children, thanks to Guruji, are a consolation. I would come to Guruji and ask Him for a child for my daughter. But my loving Guruji wanted to get my house cleaned first - granting the boon of a child was no problem.

One night I had gone home after taking Guruji's leave. My husband wasn't in, but I wasn't particularly worried. He plays golf and comes late every four days in a week. He is 62 years old but has always liked to drink and have his meals with his friends. I was alternately angry and loving with him since I could never oppose him. For then he would start using his hands... I was very afraid of him...

Usually, when he would enter the house at night, I would pretend to be asleep to avoid any ugly scene. That night I had just turned off the side lamp when I seemed to hear dear Guruji's voice. He said: "Find out where your man is."

I turned on the light and called my husband on his mobile. Due to Guruji's grace, the mobile was on and I could hear him talking with a woman. I could hear everything. My husband was with his mistress. I was stunned.

Of course, I knew that he used to go to girls when he was young. When I voiced my suspicion that he was going to girls, he would point out that he daren't take such a risk as AIDS was prevalent. Since my husband had always been conscious of his health and spoke with such confidence, I had believed him.

So, this affair was a big shock for me. I kept my wits and summoned my daughter-in-law and let her listen to the conversation. My son was out of Delhi, and I let my daughter-in-law listen in because I knew I'd need to confront my husband with proof. Else, he'd just prevail over me with violence.

Guruji, I am sorry, but that day when he came back home, I hit him and turned him out. He was so drunk that he did not know what was happening. He was kept out of the house for 10 days - and came back saying many times that he was sorry. He is a man with a big ego: he never used to say sorry.

Two months hence and there has been a sea change in my husband. He has turned into a good man after making me suffer for 35 years. Today the same man loves me a lot, he loves the children and his grand-daughter. Nowadays if he drinks a lot, he cries. He confesses that he is not a good man and has given me a lot of pain.

With Guruji's grace, I have forgotten everything and there is deep love between me and my husband - as if we have just been newly married.

May Guruji bless all the women of the world who suffer so much. I'd like to tell everyone to come to Guruji's lotus feet and be happy. He is God. I love my Guruji very much.

A devotee

July 2007