Guruji brings happiness to my life

A devotee, October 2018
I heard about Guruji from my family members and, out of curiosity, I went to Guruji's ashram on Baisakhi. I went there along with my brother and mum and we liked the place. It was a day later, when I had snoozed off on the sofa at home that the full portent of the visit became known to me. Guruji, with a few children playing by His side, came in my dream; I asked Him: "Aap kaun hain please apne bare me bataiye." (Please tell me something about yourself.) My dreamscape at once changed to the Dugri of an earlier time, when it was just being built. Thus, I came to know of Guruji's birthplace.

After a few days of going to the Mandir, I started waking up in the middle of night. I couldn't sleep even if I tried to. I didn't understand what was happening and told my mum. She explained that it was Guruji who was waking me up at the amrit vela. I came to know that it was a sacred time for meditation, when I began hearing satsangs.

Then, I had another dream as I snoozed off on my sofa. I saw that 'I' was going from one country to another as I chanted Guruji's mantra and that his light was holding my hand. I was facing difficulties in all the countries I was going to and Guruji was taking me out of them. The dream spanned centuries—it was as if lifetimes were passing through. The last country I remembered dreaming about was Venezuela. As I woke up, I realized Guruji had brought me back to the present.

Then, for no particular reason, we stopped going to Guruji's ashram. We re-connected when a satsang was held at my Mamaji's place. I couldn't control my tears at the satsang. Devotees explained that my negative karma was getting cleared out. The following few weeks, I couldn't go to the Mandir. By that time, I was craving to meet Him but couldn't. The negativity I had was due to my family life, which had been hard since I was a child.

I now realize that even before I had his darshan, Guruji was protecting me. Once I met with an accident where my car flipped on to the wrong side of the road and turned over many times, but I didn't get a single scratch. It was Guruji's grace that saved me.

Another time when Guruji's hand was evident was when I lost my wallet. It had my credit cards and ID documents. After a week, two people came and delivered my wallet at home. All the cards and cash were intact. It was a miracle—and this was before I connected with Guruji.

In another dream, I saw a youthful Guruji. He put His healing hand on my belly and I felt intense pain, which subsided. It was his way of taking away my suffering.

Best of all, I found a life partner after going to the Mandir. I am waiting for Guruji Maharaj's permission to get married. I am thankful to Guruji for showering His blessings on me and bringing happiness to my life. The whole of me has surrendered to the lotus feet of Shri Guruji.

A devotee

October 2018