Guruji unties the knots of life

A devotee, September 2013

Guruji has taken our family in his sharan since 2009, and we are very fortunate to be part of his sangat. Guruji's kripa has always showered on my family. With Guruji's blessing I am pursuing my master's degree at the University of Washington in Seattle, where I arrived in August 2011. I was delighted to learn that Guruji's satsangs were held in Seattle on Monday mornings and Thursday evenings and began going to the satsangs on Thursdays.

Two months later, in October 2011, I had a sudden and severe stomach ache. But I had my job to go to and then a lecture to attend at the University, so I just popped in a pain killer and started my day at 7 am. The pain killer was not helpful and the pain was unbearable. I decided to come back home and tried to rest. But after 12 hours, at around 8 pm, I finally had to ask a friend of mine to take me to the Medical Center.

An in-depth examination revealed my abdomen had swollen because of blockage in the lower part of my abdomen. The scar tissues from my previous surgery had bunched up and blocked the abdomen with a ribbon-like knot. Neither food nor waste was able to pass through. A surgery was scheduled for next day to open the blockage, and I was put on observation for 24 hours. But it was unlikely the knot would open up.

I have never asked Guruji for anything specific except His blessings and grace in my everyday life. While lying on the hospital bed, with a couple of pipes in my nose and throat and my eyes closed, I just said to Guruji, "Guruji you know everything about my current, past and future lives. I know I have to pay for my deeds but, at the same time, I am working very hard for my studies and going through a surgery at this stage will not only be extremely painful but will also disturb my studies." I left the rest to Guruji Maharaj.

Total surrender to Guruji brings with it an energy that helps us face any eventuality because we know Guruji is there to take care of the situation. During the 24 hours of my hospitalization, doctors kept visiting me. The observation period had come to an end. A final ECG was done, and I was getting ready for the surgery. To everybody's shock and delight, the knot which was blocking my abdomen, opened up by itself. Subsequently, I was discharged from the hospital and was back to normal in the next couple of hours. Guruji's blessings can't be explained in words or by scientific and medical means. This miracle could have happened only with Guruji's blessing. Each and every day, each and every moment of my life is dedicated to Guruji. I just pray to Guruji Maharaj to keep blessing His sangat family.

Jai Guruji!

A devotee

September 2013