Guruji gifts a new life to my wife

A devotee, August 2018
In December of 2017, my wife was operated upon to remove a cyst in her ovary. The cyst was borderline malignant, a biopsy finding which shook us. An oncologist reviewed the report and advised another surgery. Two months later, in February 2018, my wife had her ovaries and uterus removed successfully. She was on the road to recovery and our life began settling down until the doctor who had operated upon her advised chemotherapy. We were shocked and confused.

My brother-in-law took appointments for us with other renowned doctors. We consulted four of them separately and all of them advised us not to go for chemotherapy, as they thought that the surgery had done away with any malignancy. We were happy but fear still gnawed at us.

It was then that Guruji entered our lives. In April 2018, we were blessed to attend our first satsang. We literally felt that Guruji was showering His blessings on us. Our fears were annihilated and we felt extremely positive and sure-footed. The few test reports that came within the week were satisfactory. The doctor advised quarterly reviews and tests and in June this year all the reports came okay.

Guruji has blessed my family and me every moment of our life. The life of my wife is His gift. I believe, His blessings have been with us even before we attended His first satsang. How else could the disease have been detected at a very early stage? Had it not been so, it could have become life threatening within a few months. I pray to Guruji to always keep us at His Lotus Feet. He helps us all the time. His grace has fashioned miracles of love for us throughout the last few months. I pray to Him for the happiness of all beings. Jai Guruji!

A devotee

August 2018