The Lord will take care of you

A devotee, May 2016
Ek Onkar Satnam; Gurprasad: There is but One God. By the True Guru's Grace, He is obtained.

I was taken to Guruji's sharan in 2011 by close friends who are long-time devotees of Guruji. Though I never met Guruji in person, I have felt His presence often. In fact, I have experienced Guruji's divine fragrance on many occasions and initially at Bade Mandir. I know that He is always with us. He is omnipresent.

During my first visit to Bade Mandir, I literally witnessed a miracle. As I was walking past the statue of Lord Shiva, I saw a real-life animated image of Guruji on its elbow, with Guruji looking at me. I should have been startled, but was calm and peaceful, as if it was totally normal. I had my fill of the darshan.

Guruji's grace has since then showered upon my family and me. Guruji blesses and takes care of us in infinite ways, and we are often unaware of all these, as we take things for granted. However, He never forgets us.

Once our son was attacked by some thieves in New York, who stole his mobile phone. The goons pushed him so hard that he fell to the ground. Blood flowed freely through his nose. He needed immediate medical attention, but had no mobile phone to call us or an ambulance. He stumbled to his sister's apartment, but she was not at home. As he entered the apartment building, a new tenant moving into the building just then saw him and immediately offered his mobile phone. Truly, Guruji was working to help our son through this kind person - for in New York it is rare to find a person who would bother to offer help. With Guruji's grace, our son contacted us immediately and got medical help.

At the hospital, it was thought that he had broken his nose, as it was totally out of place. But the doctor could move the nose back to its place by hand - as if Guruji himself worked through his hands - and there was no need for an operation. My son healed fully and showed no sign of any injury.

Earlier too my son was a recipient of Guruji's blessings. A few years ago, he had a car accident with a much larger vehicle. Our son's car was damaged to a point beyond repair. But with Guruji's divine grace he did not suffer even a single scratch; neither did the passengers in the other car. Such is Guruji's protection over His devotees and their loved ones.

Recently, I was travelling far from home on business. I had been away from home for two continuous weeks. During the trip, I had great difficulty urinating and was extremely uncomfortable. I was not able to empty my bladder fully and would be waking up every hour to urinate. My stomach was bloated, but I didn't know why. I prayed to Guruji to help me and put the entire matter in His divine hands.

My flight back home had been planned three weeks before this incident. It seemed Guruji had ensured that I would fly to our son's home instead of to my home. My son is a doctor at a very good hospital, and Guruji was ensuring I got good treatment through him.

My entire family had planned to meet at our son's house. The day after we arrived at our son's residence, my problem worsened. I lost my appetite and was totally lethargic. My stomach was severely distended and I was very uncomfortable. Finally, my wife and son (both doctors) decided to take me to the hospital where our son works. I received treatment very quickly and was able to see the doctors within 45 minutes or so. Usually, it can take up to 6 hours or more.

The doctors performed a CT scan and, at my son's request, an ultrasound of my bladder and stomach area. The tests revealed that my bladder was holding almost three times the normal amount of urine. The doctors were shocked that with so much urine, I was not in agonizing pain. I knew, of course, that the lack of pain was due to Guruji's blessings.

I learnt that my urine was flowing back into my kidneys and that I was very lucky: Had I not been treated promptly, both my kidneys could have been damaged permanently. I left the hospital with a catheter and a urine collection bag strapped to my leg. Guruji's divine grace protected me. I am forever grateful to Guruji for all His blessings.

The next day, my son got me an appointment with a urologist he knew. This was yet another blessing, because meeting a specialist can take two to three weeks in the US. The urologist told me that my bladder was likely no longer working and I would need further tests. I might even have to use catheters for the rest of my life. I was shocked. I imagined that my daily life and travelling would be affected irremediably henceforth.

After we came back from the urologist, my son suggested I try taking a medicine doctors at the hospital had prescribed to normalize urine flow. It was not really expected to work. I took one tablet and, miraculously, within an hour or so, my urine began flowing normally. I was able to dispose of the catheter and the urine bag permanently. To this day, I am passing urine completely normally.

I cannot describe my gratitude to Guruji for saving me from what would have been a lifelong problem. I knew that it was only His divine grace that healed me. Guruji took all my suffering and left me with only a small portion. Imagine how much I could have suffered without Guruji. To my mind, such instances are not coincidences or the happy workings of science - these are Guruji's blessings and miracles. There is no doubt that Guruji answered my prayers. He truly loves His devotees. Without Guruji our life is empty.

The incident with my bladder, however, put me under a lot of stress. I was so anxious that I was unable to sleep through the night. Even though bright lights were turned on at night in our house, I saw only darkness. Doctors told me I was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which can affect patients for years.

Again I turned to Guruji. I put His picture next to my pillow at night - and He reduced my anxiety each night. After about three nights, I was worry-free. To this day I have not suffered from PTSD. Yet again, Guruji's blessings.

During this difficult time, I was looking for a shabad to help bring peace to my overwrought mind. I came across one that I liked. Guruji must have guided me to it, for as soon as I listened to it, I got immense peace. The words of the shabads are:

Nanak, chinta mat karo/Chinta tis he hae... (O Nanak, don't be anxious, the Lord will take care of you.) It was as if Guruji was talking directly to me through this shabad.

During this trauma, I wanted to phone my dear friends who are Guruji's devotees. I had a great desire to share what had happened with them. However, my anxiety did not allow me to phone them up. Then, I received their telephone call, though I was unable to answer it. But Guruji had it planned that way. When I heard their message on my phone, I derived immense peace and joy. And I was able to listen to the message as often as I liked, since it would calm me down. Guruji knew that I needed to listen to their words again and again, and hence he made it so that I was unable to answer the phone, but could replay the recorded message as often as I could.

My friends told me that they were thinking of me and felt, for some unknown reason, that they needed to telephone me. I have no doubt that Guruji had nudged them to speak to me.

It is amazing how Guruji takes care of us and finds ways to help us. He truly loves and takes care of His devotees even in their smallest affairs. My family and my life have changed for the better in every aspect since we have been under Guruji's sharan. Guruji takes care of our life automatically.

I humbly bow down and give infinite thanks to Guruji for His infinite blessings and love. I felt an intense desire to write and share this satsang. No doubt that arises out of my immense love and deep gratitude to Guruji for all the blessings that He has showered upon my family and me. Neither the desire nor the love can be described in words. My gratitude and love for Guruji has no boundaries.

A devotee

May 2016