Unable to be a mother, I conceive after going to Mandir

A devotee, March 2016
I am a Christian married to a Hindu boy. Our love marriage happened in year 2011 despite many obstacles. After marriage I was expected to conform to certain Hindu rites, such as lighting a jyot and doing paath—and I observed these because I wanted to fulfil everyone's expectations, even though my husband and I lived alone and worked in Delhi. But I regretted not worshipping Lord Jesus Christ.

However, year 2012 brought happiness to the entire family when we learnt I was pregnant. From the second month of pregnancy, I had continuous lower abdominal pain. Doctors advised me to lay off strenuous work and keep away from stress; as a result, my mother-in-law came to live with us. The baby was doing fine, though its growth lagged a bit. However, my back pain increased in severity during the third month, and I could not endure it.

My doctor suggested another ultrasound. During the imaging, the doctor repeatedly pushed the probe against my belly. He was not saying anything and his facial expression made us anxious. After five minutes, he said: "I am sorry, your pregnancy is not successful; your baby died 20 days ago in your womb." My husband and I could not help but cry. It was a very tough moment for us.

The doctor cautioned us that since the infant had lost its heartbeat more than a fortnight ago, my stomach could be infected. I was advised an immediate DNC. That procedure gave me a recurrent urinary infection, with the doctors saying my bladder had become over-sensitive. Most painfully for all concerned, I was told I could not conceive again.

Three years passed and I could not conceive. Then in June of 2015, my husband's friend, who is a follower of Guruji, suggested that we should visit Bade Mandir. My husband decided to take me, but he could not directly tell me that. (Still resistant to a new religion, I would not have been very happy then with the idea of going to a mandir.) Instead he told me to get ready for going out. He contrived to get his friend's family to meet us and we then proceeded to the Mandir. His family began sharing satsangs, but we found it difficult to believe that a Guru could manifest miracles.

As it turned out, it was the Guru Purnima day and the Mandir's hall and samadhi area was closed. We sat outside in the tented area where Guruji's swaroop was placed for the sangat. My husband and I had some doubts because we had so often heard of fraudulent babas taking advantage of their devotees. However, when I sat in the Mandir and listened to the shabads, peace came to me and I felt that I had everything in my life. When we returned we both were happy that we had visited Bade Mandir and found that we had gained a lot of positivity.

Guruji always cares for you, you just have to wait

I conceived a baby in the month we first visited Bade Mandir. Really, Guruji can do anything; nothing is impossible for Him. We were very happy after knowing about my pregnancy since we had been waiting for it since the last three years. Doctor advised me to take bed rest as the initial months were critical. We were worried and praying for the first trimester to pass smoothly. But, during these three months, I had to go for an ultrasound three times due to sudden abdominal pain.

One night, during the beginning of the third month, I had darshan of our holy divine Guruji in my dream. I asked Guruji if my pregnancy would be successful and if I would hold my baby in my hands. Guruji said: "No." I began crying and asked Guruji to bless me to have a successful pregnancy. He asked me to wait and walked away. I then saw a huge group of people saying Guruji has come and sent prasad. I took the prasad sent by Guruji and He then assured me that everything would be fine; I needn't worry.

True to His words, in March 2016, I was blessed with a baby boy. He is perfectly fine with the blessings of Guruji. Thank you, Guruji, for taking care of us in this manner.

Recently, with the grace of Guruji, we have also purchased our home. It was not planned at all. It was a manifestation of how Guruji blesses His sangat. Thank you, my respected Guruji. Jai Guruji!

A devotee

March 2016