Baby boy brings Guruji's blessings into our lives

A devotee, February 2016
I have come to be with Guruji since 19 January 2013, but it feels like I have been His child since birth. I reckon that He was with me before 2013. It seems He has always blessed me and blessing me. I am always surrounded by Him. He makes each day miraculous. All my chores start with Him and end with Him. I can't thank Him enough for everything He has given to me.

Blessed with a baby boy

Things were not working out for me and my husband. There was pressure on our marriage from the families concerned, financial worries and interference from everyone who knew us. I moved to my mother's house to get some peace and to give space to my husband. But events took a bad turn in my husband's family so I had to return.

One day I dreamt of Guruji. He came out from a mirror in our room and gave me a big plate heaped with cashews, rice and sugar. I kept enquiring what the prasad was for, but He kept silent and went back inside the mirror. Soon I found out I was pregnant. It was completely unexpected. I had earlier had a miscarriage, and the many astrologers we visited had told us we couldn't have babies or that I would have still births.

So I didn't quite know how to react. I even thought of having an abortion. But I was soon able to understand that my pregnancy was linked to Guruji's darshan and prasad. That recognition overwhelmed me. I understood that Guruji wanted me to carry on with my marriage and to be a mother—a beautiful experience for a woman.

I went to Bade Mandir and met a sewadar, confiding about my pregnancy to her. She proclaimed that I would have a boy; I could take it from her in writing. I was shocked and thought that maybe she was saying so because Indians are crazy for baby boys. But another sewadar said the same thing when we were engaged in doing sewa at the Mandir. She told me to come to the Bade Mandir with my infant straight from the hospital and not go home. I told my family that is what I was going to do. My mother-in-law was anxious about sutak (a traditional period of abstention), but I was ready to override them.

During my pregnancy I was fully active, doing household chores, working fully, organizing dinners and lunches for family and friends and partying without stress. During the seventh month though, I tripped down the staircase. I was about fall on my stomach, but Guruji saved me and the weight of my body fell on my right foot. It swelled up to a huge size, but gave me no discomfort. People at work used to compliment me about how gracefully I was carrying my swollen foot.

The due date came and I had no labour pain. The doc told me to return home and wait for the pains to start. Five days passed without the onset of labour. She insisted on an operation, while I wanted her to induce the pain so that I could go for a normal delivery. Over and above my remonstrances to her and complaints to Guruji, she did the operation. Thanks to His grace, I had a very healthy boy.

Everyone was happy. My son was the first male in my father's family after sixty-five years. My in-laws were extremely happy, too. A day after his birth, my son had high fever with loose motions and became pale. It was jaundice and he was kept in the newborn nursery and given light therapy. I cried like hell and complained to Guruji, but my mother said that it was good to get jaundice as an infant, because it became hard to treat if children had it later. She pacified me and told me to nurse my son every now and then so that he could be cured and healed with mother's milk. Despite all the stitches and the pain, I went to feed him in the hospital. In two days, we were able to get a discharge.

It was a Saturday evening and we went straight to the Bade Mandir. It was not opening time yet, since it was only 4 pm. The Mandir had been decorated for Diwali, and devotees were busy removing the beautifications. We were asked to leave the premises and told that Shri Gaurav, who looks after the Mandir, does not allow anyone to come to the Mandir before time. My husband insisted on staying put, as he is a sewadar. But my family felt guilty about not obeying the sewadar, so we thought of leaving after taking agya from Guruji from outside the main hall. Suddenly my husband came to me. Shri Gaurav had asked that the samadhi be opened so that we could have darshan.

I was overwhelmed in the samadhi about how lucky it was for my son to have Guruji's darshan. On the way home I saw a big change on my son's body. It was back to its normal pink colour. His bilirubin level was at 12 when we left the hospital and his skin was a greyish-pale. But when we returned from the Mandir his looks had changed. I still have photographs from that day. Whoever I show these to tells me that it is impossible that there be such a significant difference in photographs taken on the same day. My son has been hale and hearty since Guruji's blessings at Bade Mandir.

I find work and get my car

I had to leave my work after the birth of my son since I couldn't join the firm after three months of maternity leave. My son suffered from colic, and I couldn't leave him. I got all the possible dues from my office when I resigned and felt that Guruji had blessed me yet again.

I had to take a call about working again, and I was confused about who would take care of my baby boy and how things would work out. Where would I get a job and how far away? I needn't have worried as Guruji had planned everything to help me out.

I got the best job, near my house, with a good salary, and found that I could leave my son in good hands. I hit upon a date to join my new office and wished that they call me that day. It was so. Guruji made it easy and the day I joined I met a colleague whose name was Shiv. He created an environment where I could work freely. Who can do this magic, but Guruji? I am so blessed that I can't thank Him enough for being with me in good and bad times.

My challenge was not yet over. I had got a job, but how would I get to office? I had learnt driving many times from driving schools, but that never added up to anything. My husband used the car we had and I didn't have a personal vehicle. Also, it was impossible to get a car loan with my salary and my little savings. I remember calling car-loan services for loan approvals, but they always rejected the offer.

One day I went to the Mandir on a Thursday and was talking mentally to Guruji. Suddenly in the blinking of any eye I had this telepathy that I am driving a black car and Guruji is happily teaching me how to drive. The next day, I went to my office and saw a mailer from a bank requesting car-loan applications. I applied, and to my surprise the bank entertained the application. They took the papers, the same as I always gave, and I saw no reason to hope. However, the bank called and decreed that I was eligible. I asked them if they were sure with my salary being what it was. I wondered aloud over the phone if they were kidding me. The bank personnel on the phone laughed and asked me if he could come to my house for the formalities. I agreed and the bank loaned me INR 5 lakhs. The entire process took place within a week.

I started learning to drive again, but had to stop in between. My husband already had a car, so I was not keen upon driving. I began paying EMIs for my car, but had to wait for my favourite colour for a year. Still my husband used to drive us everywhere.

When I had to join my new office, I wondered about how I would reach there and come back home to look after my son. It was hard to find any public conveyance after 5 in the evening near my office. But Guruji made it a point that I drive to work and reach home on time every day. He made me a good driver within five days, and I could join work with my own car. Guruji looked after everything, and I didn't have to worry about even the smallest things.

Guruji is the miracle man of my life, and I can't imagine my life without Him. He has made my life simple and contented. I am so grateful to be His child and to be under His refuge. My husband and my son are also immensely grateful to Guruji. Om Namah Shivay Shivji Sada Sahay. Jai Guruji!

A devotee

February 2016