New rental, new job with Guruji's grace

A devotee, August 2015 हिंदी
I am based in the US while my Mom lives in Delhi. She learnt about Guruji through her friends and visited the Bade Mandir. She told me about Him and her visit to the Mandir over the phone, talked about His miracles and mentioned the peace and serenity she felt at Bade Mandir. She asked me to look up Guruji online. It was around October of 2014.

I did so. I had been interested in spirituality and meditation since childhood. I had believed in a number of religious people, but never felt easy about it or fulfilled through it. Now I began reading 'Light of Divinity' and was engrossed in it. I quickly felt more positive and peaceful not because of the miracles described in Guruji's granth but because of the vibes Guruji sends us. I felt calm and happy progressively while reading about Guruji.

In March 2015, I started feeling His presence and blessings. I had been looking for a rental home for the past three months. Standing before yet another apartment, I looked at Guruji's photo in my phone and stepped in, thinking to myself that this should work out for us now. And it did.

A month later, I began looking for a new job. I tried hard but nothing was working out. In June 2015, with Guruji's grace I got two offers, together, from the same company. I was confused about which one to select, so I told Guruji to give me a clear answer. Then I connected with a few people to get feedback. I soon had my answer and have joined the new company.

I would like to thank the entire sangat for sharing their satsangs. I get answers to so many questions that I come across in day to day life in their sacred experiences. Jai Guruji!

A devotee

August 2015