Out of teething troubles

A devotee, June 2015
I came to know about Guruji in 2011 through a friend. Faith instantly dawned in my heart towards Him.

A year later, I had reached a critical turning point in my life when I gave entrance exams for a dental post-graduation course. My parents had also booked a seat for me in Himachal Pradesh if I didn't clear the entrance exams in Punjab and Haryana. But Guruji came to my help.

I had a divine darshan of Guruji in my dream and I asked Him if I would be able to clear my exams. Guruji just said, "cotton clothes". I could not understand the reference. A few days later, my results showed I had cleared the entrance exams for Haryana. Guruji had told me to buy cotton clothes, as warm clothes were not required in Haryana, which has a hot climate. When I went to take admission, I was surprised to see that my college was situated at a place blessed by Shivji.

During the course of my dental study, particularly during my thesis, I had a hard time. I used to pray to Guruji to help me in completing my thesis, as I was falling behind. Guruji blessed me, and I completed my thesis in year 2014, that too on the very day of His birthday.

I appeared for my final postgraduate exams in May 2015 and quickly found divine assurance. I had a practical exam for which I had to treat a patient. The patient assigned to me had "Aum" inked on his hand and said "Om Namah Shivay" as I began attending to him.

So far, so good. But matters came to a head when my head of the department (HOD) gave me the viva topic. I had not read that subject thoroughly. I prayed to Guruji, and my HOD immediately changed to a topic for which I was well prepared. Thus, with Guruji's grace, I cleared my post graduation.

Thank you, Guruji! Please shower your blessings on my family and me always. Jai Guruji!

Om Namah Shivay; Shivji Sada Sahay

Om Namah Shivay; Guruji Sada Sahay

A devotee

June 2015