Guruji relieves pre-ordained suffering

A devotee, January 2015
In year 2013, my parents went with their friends to Bade Mandir. I live in the US and my mother told me over the phone about it. I reacted negatively and was upset with her, telling her not to talk to me about babas and gurus. She advised me to visit His website whenever I felt like it. Soon after I was facing a challenging situation and checked out the site. Then I dared Him to show that He existed-and He gave me darshan.

Guruji saves me

In the US, traffic moves at an extremely high speed. I was on the highway once and could not slow down for a turn. My car began to lose balance when I immediately felt a hand on my left leg and the car straightened in response, allowing me to drive safely.

I felt Guruji right beside me saving my life.

A few years ago I had gained weight and fallen into a depression. An undiagnosed fracture of my foot had prompted it. When doctors found out the bone had broken, they told me that it would not heal and I would have to live with it with the aid of inserts.

This was a double blow. I had already sustained a back injury in the past. My morale dipped, I was put on bed rest, but I stopped all exercise.

I was still on bed rest when I had a dream. I saw that I was in the shower when an invisible force slammed and pinned my foot on the floor. I woke up from sleep knowing that some intervention had taken place. It turned out to be Guruji's grace as my foot pain decreased over the coming days. I began exercising and even running! A year later, my fitness was such that I had become an inspiration for my friends and family. I never had foot pain and never thought about it ever again. Guruji healed me completely.

Reducing suffering

A year after my parents had been to Guruji's I was going through a very trying phase. I had lost all hope but still kept telling Guruji every day that my faith was undying and I knew that He would help me through this time.

Guruji parted the veil of my karma and showed me just what had been in store had His grace not been upon me. One night I dreamt that my daughter had been diagnosed with a terrible disease--I cannot even think of putting down its name--and that I was going from pillar to post looking for a treatment. As the dream ended, Guruji gave me His darshan. He pointed out that the dream had been my destiny and I should compare it with what I was facing presently. He had lessened the severity of my problems. He said to me: "Kam mein kata ditta. (Your suffering has been decreased.)"

I bowed to Guruji and told Him that hence onward I would completely trust Him and prayed that He keep His blessings on us always.

He has always kept His eye on us. In 2014 when I visited Bade Mandir, I had a terrible migraine. I was in the car with my mother and neighbours. As we reached Bade Mandir, I felt I would faint if I as much as took a foot outside the car. I said so to my mom. She told me to just take His blessings. I did not want to disappoint others in the car by having everyone go home. As I entered Bade Mandir, my head was exploding and I was overcome with nausea.

But my mother's faith and my obedience were repaid. As soon as I entered the durbar and bowed in front of Guruji, my headache and nausea disappeared. It was surreal. I enjoyed my chai prasad and my visit thoroughly. I shared my experience with my faithful mother. She said that she knew I would be okay once I entered the Mandir. Jai Guruji!

A devotee

January 2015