A flight that led to His blessings

A devotee, December 2013
I first heard about Guruji in November 2011 from my cousin, Anjana, who has been Guruji's devotee for the last eight years or so. I had lost my mom that year and was visiting India for her last rites. A year later in November 2012 my husband was traveling to India for my mom's first death anniversary, or varina. I couldn't because the children were at school in the US.

When he was returning, something strange happened.

His flight was detoured to another airport because of bad weather and all the passengers got stuck in that airport. Luckily, the airport that had been chosen was closer to our home in New Jersey. The cab picked up my husband and soon they were home. From our driveway, my husband texted me to come outside the house. I did and saw a radiant-looking gentleman standing next to my husband. My husband introduced him to me, saying he was one of the passengers on the plane and needed a ride to Philadelphia (which is less than 30 minutes from my place). My husband, being the helpful kind, offered him the ride. The gentleman wouldn't stop blessing us and thanking us for this favour. Although our meeting lasted just a few minutes, he seemed like a very nice person to me.

Two days later I called my cousin, Anjana aunty, to thank her for the gifts she had sent. As always she wouldn't stop talking about Guruji. So finally I asked her, who was her Guruji? She told me to visit a website and I would know all about him. After the call, I immediately went on the website and almost collapsed in front of my computer. The gentleman who had taken a ride with my husband looked like Guruji. He must be His twin. I showed my husband Guruji's picture and he was amazed at the likeness too.

A year later, in October 2013, we were in for a shock. Our eight-year-old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It was hard as parents to see our daughter with many needles stuck in her tiny body. But being a spiritual person I knew God was testing me. During the second day of our stay at the hospital, I broke down at midnight asking God to help me and asking why me. I remember I was chanting and just started crying. The room was dark as my daughter had just slept and very little light was coming from the room above us. I suddenly felt a light wind blow into the room; someone came and sat on the couch placed behind where I was lying down. I was startled and looked around but couldn't see anyone.

It was only later that I realized it must have been God. After returning, my cousin who had moved to New Jersey because of her husband's job, called me. When she learnt of what had happened she made arrangements to get a copper lota blessed at the Bade Mandir for my daughter. A month after her diagnosis, on 8 November 2013, we had the good fortune of attending a satsang and having the langar prasad as well. It was a divine experience and we felt blessed. My cousin assured me that everything was possible if Guruji wanted it to happen.

Believe it or not within a month the blessed lota arrived at my place on a Thursday (Guruji's day) at 7 in the morning through a friend or messenger of Guruji. I immediately started following the regime of having my daughter drink water from it first thing in the morning and bathe with the rest of it.

Very few days had passed by when I took my daughter to get her eyes checked. I was worried that diabetes might affect her eyesight. The entire time during her examination my daughter and I kept thinking of Guruji and prayed that He bless us. The doctors put some drops in my daughter's eyes and we waited in the lobby for the pupils to dilate. While we were waiting, out of nowhere we started getting the smell of fresh flowers. The fragrance was so strong that my daughter and I looked at each other puzzled and then immediately knew who was blessing us. The examination was complete and showed that my daughter had perfect eyesight. It is all due to Guruji blessings. Jai Guruji.

A few days later my 13-year-old daughter came home from school and asked me why I had sprayed rose perfume in the garage. My garage is more like a warehouse in the winters, as we cannot leave anything outside in the snow. I went out to look and was surprised to smell fresh roses in our garage. Guruji again! I know this might sound foolish to some people, but faith is something that one has to experience. Guruji has shown us in many ways that He loves His devotees more than they love Him and He takes care of them. Although my journey under Guruji's sharan is very short, but He has given me a lot. I thank Him for everything and only pray that He lets me and my family be His devotees for the rest of our lives. Jai Guruji.

A devotee

December 2013