With his aid, debts and doubts get cleared

A devotee, November 2013
At least 40 years ago, my husband and his two brothers ran a flourishing business. My husband then borrowed money from my father and my sister for his venture. After that our business became unprofitable and my husband's brother took over the whole trade, giving back peanuts to my husband. Soon our house and our family jewellery had to be sold.

Still, my sister wanted us to return her share of the money with interest. My father too had the same intention, but never voiced it, even though he was at the back of all the hard words we heard from my sister. Nobody sympathised with me, and I never opened my heart in front of them as I could see that they were not ready to lend me an ear.

I kept visiting my parents off and on, but they would indirectly ask for their money to be returned and I would feel deeply hurt. In year 2012, I went to the Bade Mandir and soon my husband and I became Guruji's devotees.

Around that time, my elder sister came down from the UK and wanted to visit my parents. We could not because of our troubled relationship with them and with my brother- and sister-in-law. My maternal uncle's (mama's) place was chosen as a venue. Matters came to a head at the meeting. My uncle, his family and my sisters were there. They came to know of my financial position and family affairs, which was quite different from what they had been led to believe by my parents.

It was a real miracle that occurred after our coming to Guruji's sharan. After many years we had gathered at Mamaji's place and everyone understood that I had not been lying about my husband's financial condition. My family members were shocked at my father's attitude. They are now with me and my name has been cleared. I have found a sense of relief after years. Thank you so much, Guruji.

A devotee

November 2013