Guruji gives my career a double boost

A devotee, September 2013
I was 29 years old and professionally frustrated: I had been in an organization for nearly five years and was getting a less-than-desirable pay package thanks to the long tenure. Also, since I had got married in February 2012, my expenses had increased. I had been giving job interviews for the last two years, but never got through.

In 2012 my mom's sister introduced us to Guruji, and I am thankful to her. Though I have never been very religious, visiting temples only when my mom and dad have asked me to accompany them, I went to the Bade Mandir. I felt at peace there, and the temple is managed excellently. Soon I was more than willing to not only go to the Bade Mandir but to take my parents also.

I began praying to Guruji to help me change my job or get my package increased. Two months later, in November, I had two job offers in hand. The interviews I had were so easy that I instinctively wondered why I was not being probed. The role was that of a project manager-a level up from my designation. My package too would increase by more than half. I was amazed. It was the first time I had felt blessed in the last few years. I thanked Guruji a lot for what He had given me in such a small time. It was all because of Him.

In January 2013, I joined one of the organizations, but after a fortnight felt I had taken a wrong decision. I had moved from a French multinational corporation to an Indian company. The management and the environment were nothing short of hell. I began to feel that my last organization was way better even though I earned less. I left the organization in April 2013 without an offer in hand and with my professional life at stake.

I was still going regularly to Bade Mandir. Talking to Guruji privately, I wondered what wrong I had done that he had granted me a job which was worse than my previous one and which I had to quit. I began getting weird thoughts. Maybe I was not good enough and could not sustain this job. Or maybe Guruji's mind changed after gifting me a job that I did not deserve. My confidence hit an all-time low and it was one of the worst phases of my life.

I would have been jobless for about two-three weeks when I got a call out of nowhere from my friend. His company had an opening for a project manager and I applied quickly. My interviews were conducted, and I was asked to wait for their call. I was not happy the way my last interview went; when it had taken the firm more than a fortnight to get back to me, I went looking for other jobs.

On May 10, a Friday, my wife and I were at Bade Mandir and listening to the shabads. It was around 9.30 pm. The guy sitting next to me was checking his email repeatedly on his phone. Instead of asking him not to do so, per the Mandir rule of not using mobile phones, I thought of checking my email once on my phone and there it was: I had got an offer letter with another 25 per cent jump over my most-recently boosted package. The email had reached me at 9:00 pm, when I entered the Mandir, that too on a Friday. Which HR department works or sends offers on Friday nights?

I am sure I got the job because of Guruji's blessings. I thanked Guruji and was super excited that I got my offer letter at the Bade Mandir. I had tears in my eyes. I am so lucky that I am associated with Guruji.

I think putting me in an Indian company was Guruji's way of getting me a high package. Thank you, Guruji, for blessing me and making my life way better than what it was. All I want to say to people who are reading this is:"Ibadat karan de naal gal bandi hai /Kise di aaj bandi hai, kise di kal bandi hai." (Keep praying, prayer leads to success / Either sooner or later.)

I had never thought that a miracle like this could occur for me. Devotees should keep visiting Bade Mandir, have faith in Guruji and leave all their worries to Him. We are lucky to have been called and blessed by Guruji.

A devotee

September 2013