Guruji gives me a second lease of life

A devotee, April 2012
One morning I had just bowed to Guruji and thanked Him for His endless mehr-my routine-and was going out for my walk when I felt very dizzy and held on to the grill to stop myself from falling over. I had been feeling rather low for a week or so, but attributed it to my spondylitis and the extra house work that had come upon me since my maid had taken long leave on her father's demise. Today, I slowly walked back into my house and had the misri (crystallized sugar lumps) and ilaichee (cardamom) prasad given to me by Guruji and sat down. I felt better for a while but again a dizzy spell accompanied with a sinking feeling. Since I am a diabetic I thought my sugar level was low. I took breakfast, but still felt uncomfortable.

Looking at Guruji's photograph, I was prompted to check my pulse. It was at 40 beats a minute. Thankfully, my husband, who usually goes out for golf, was at home; I told him that I needed to be hospitalized. And then I fell unconscious.

He rushed me to Fortis Hospital, about four kms away, with assistance from two neighbours who happened to be around--as if to lend a helping hand. One had the Fortis emergency number and called the hospital; the other knew the shortcuts to reach Fortis.

I was later told I was clutching on to Guruji's locket, which I have on me, when we reached the hospital. The cardiologist found my pulse was at 20. Extremely low: I was lucky to have survived. My diagnosis was 'complete heart block'. A little delay would have meant bye-bye to the world. By evening, the cardiologist had implanted a pacemaker in my heart.

I was discharged after a week and went straight to the Bade Mandir from the hospital to thank Guruji for giving me a second lease of life. Jai Guruji! May we always remain under the protective umbrella of His mehr.

A devotee

April 2012