God sitting amongst us

A devotee, July 2007 हिंदी
There was a time when temples, places of pilgrimage, idol worship, rituals and astrology, a belief in good or bad omens - all had a meaning. They have all become meaningless to me ever since I met Guruji.

Before I begin to share my experiences, I would like everyone to know how blessed we are to be here with our Guruji. Guruji is not a magician or a priest or a swami. He is God just sitting here amongst us making our lives easier and happier by the day. My experiences prove my faith and extremely strong belief in Him.

As a devotee, I connected with Guruji since the first day I met Him. I even got married with Guruji's blessings in November 2000. Soon after my wedding, Guruji started telling me that He would bless me with a son.

My husband and I would never take too much interest in that repetitive line of Guruji - "Ek munda la ley (Take one son)." And He kept saying this from November 2000 to July 2003.

On July 7, the very auspicious day of Guruji's birthday, there was a huge sangat at the Bade Mandir, where we all sat and cherished His divine company till 3.30 am. That's when He called me and told me that He had blessed me and my husband with a son. We took leave and left the temple - again not paying attention to what Guruji had said.

One week later on 13 July 2003 it was Guru Purnima and I went to Guruji with my mother-in-law. Guruji has no secrets with anyone; He talks aloud to each and everyone. But that day just as I touched His lotus feet to take leave, He beckoned me closer to Him and whispered in my ear that I was pregnant and that I should not reveal it to anyone.

Yet I did. I came back home and gave the news to my husband. He ignored it and said that I believed in Guruji too much. However, I waited till I could find out medically if I was pregnant or not. Sure enough on August 1, my pregnancy test was positive. Guruji's blessings had come true.

Now here is where the catch is: As humans we loose patience and fall in our own estimation, because if we want something from Guruji it has to be now. But look at my case. Guruji had been telling me for three long years to get blessed with a child, but I had not even once questioned or let the thought cross my mind that if He has been saying it for so long, why doesn't it happen? We have the power to see till the wall whereas Guruji has the power to see way beyond. He knows when the time is right for anything and that is when He is going to make it happen.

No priest or saint or magician has the power to create life and that is exactly what Guruji did for me. And sure enough I gave birth to a baby boy; no doubts about that.

Last but not the least, for me and my husband to be able to have a family would not have been possible without medical treatment, but Guruji made it happen without any difficulties at all.

Each devotee has to repeat only one word or the line of a shabad, with hundred per cent devotion for days, months and maybe sometimes years for a particular reason: to hammer on one spot again and again so that the door breaks open - and it does!

A devotee

July 2007