For My Most Dear and Sweet Guruji

Annu Munjal, April 2008
I thank my stars for the day Guruji came into my life. My life has been transformed and it seems all my worries have finally bid me good bye. That is because Guruji is divine, He is the Almighty.

I had come to Guruji in November of 2005 after a friend had told me about Him. I had come laden with problems: monetary issues, family disturbances, and niggling anxieties and tensions that created an atmosphere of tension and depression. Nothing seemed to be in place. I had no mental peace.

I began going to Guruji. One day He talked to me; it made my day. Two months after I had first had Guruji's darshan, my father had to be immediately hospitalised. He had pneumonia and his condition had become so critical that he had to be put on a ventilator. The doctors told us he only had a 10% chance of survival. I went to Guruji's mandir and silently prayed to Him. In a vision I saw that Guruji had gone with me to the hospital, taken my father off the ventilator and cured and blessed him.

Soon, with Guruji's permission I told Him about my father's ailment. The next day, when we went to the hospital, I was amazed to find my father perfectly all right; his life-support system had been removed. Guruji had saved my father and given him a new life.

I began experiencing Guruji's miracles very often after this incident. I found out soon enough that He is omnipresent and takes care of your deep-seated desires. My husband is a case in point. His financial deals were stuck and we were facing an economic crunch. Yet, the deals got sorted out on their own and our money worries were soon over.

The health of my daughter too was a source of worry for me. She had a recurrent and troublesome Urinary Tract Infection. Guruji blessed her with a copper tumbler; she drank water from it. She is perfectly all right now.

I too had such extreme pain in my knees that I had difficulty in climbing the stairs. By His divine grace, this pain too vanished.

My sister-in-law too partook of His grace. She was living in the UK with her husband. But, due to some problem with her in-laws, she had been in a conflict with her husband and had left his house and come to India. She had made up her mind to divorce him. Guruji's blessings staved off that disastrous turn of events and marital harmony was restored.

In fact, Guruji called out my sister-in-law's name the very first time she met Him - an instance of how the divinity in Him reaches out to us with miraculous love. In a similar manner, Guruji also answers our deep-seated queries and can read our thoughts.

After Guruji came into our lives, everything has got streamlined. It is due to our good deeds and good karmas that Guruji has come into our life. We always feel his protective shield around us. He defends us from unforeseen events and protects us from unpredictable calamities. There are so many matters that get sorted out due to Him. The external disturbances caused by external agents are eliminated on their own.

More so, the persona, outlook and attitude I have, has undergone a complete change. I am fully at peace after Guruji entered my life.

We thank Guruji with all our heart and soul for being there all for us, for being so benevolent and for His presence. We thank Him again and again as a life without Him is not possible and our entity, our small lives are insignificant without Him. He is beyond comparison.

Guruji is the human manifestation of God. He has come into this world only for our kalyan, our highest benefit.

Annu Munjal, devotee

April 2008