Annie Madan, January 2013

I came to Bade Mandir in January 2010, when I was with my first child. I had come on a holiday from Australia for a month. I was apprehensive of traveling back alone on a long flight. My husband couldn't come to pick me and my parents couldn't go with me. While I was taking agya from Guruji, I was perturbed about the trip, and just addressed Him in my mind: Why don't you come with me to Australia and drop me home? I have tried convincing everyone in my family but no one listens.

I came back home, started packing and forgot about the whole thing. When I boarded the flight I noticed that every seat was occupied except the one next to me. I didn't think much of it and passed it up as a coincidence. On my connecting flight I got a bad seat. I tried changing it but the flight attendant said that the whole flight was booked and there were no empty seats. When I entered the plane and settled in, I found that the seat next to mine was empty again--that too in a packed flight. That was enough to convince me that there are no coincidences. If you believe in Him, He is with you. That was my first encounter with the Almighty. I was thrilled that Guruji had accepted me as His disciple. Since then, I remain assured that I am not alone in this world. Good or bad, happiness or sadness, I just need to keep faith as my Father is with me.

Lucky are those who have seen or felt God, and the sangat of Guruji is truly blessed.

I get a job

Upon reaching Australia, I got busy with life. At that time I was working on contract in a company. I was due to deliver in August, so wanted permanent employment before the baby arrived. One day in the morning as I was getting ready for work I just looked at Guruji's photograph and said: "Please give me some good news today." When I reached my office, my boss called me to her office and said she had good news for me. There was an opening for a permanent position, and they were putting up my name for it. They hadn't even set out an advertisement for the post! Out of nowhere, a job had landed on my lap. Only God can do it, and we all know who God is: Our Guruji.

Annie Madan, a devotee

January 2013