Stones on His path become blessings for me

Anjali Sharma, December 2016 हिंदी

My brother came back from visiting Bade Mandir in October 2014 with quite an impression in mind: He told me that Guruji was Lord Shiva Himself. I did not believe Him. A month later, he shared Guruji's swaroop with me. At that time I was in big trouble. I gazed at Guruji's swaroop for a long time and found myself falling asleep.

And in my dream I had my first darshan of Guruji.

I was running inside a house and Guruji was chasing after me. After sometime, He sat down on a sofa kept in the drawing room. I stood outside it, looking in at Guruji from the corner of the door. Guruji suddenly said: "Mein tenu apne kol bulake rehna hai." (I will not give up till you come to me.) At that point, I woke up—shocked. The dream sequence was improbable. I told my parents about it and they insisted that I visit Bade Mandir. Foolishly, I ignored them, but gave in to my mother's repeated requests. I went to the Mandir a couple of times in February-June 2015. It felt good.

A month later, Guruji's birthday turned out to be the luckiest day of my life. 7 July 2015 was a day full of blessings for me. All the appointments I had for that day got cancelled on their own and I went straight to the lotus feet of my beloved Guruji. I was walking bare feet inside the Mandir with the rough stones on the path pricking me.

As it was, I had trouble walking. For the last one year, I had been suffering from torn ankles. Pain would flare up whenever I would stand up to walk. Doctors had advised me to get medication via injections, but I tried Ayurveda. It did not work. However, as I walked on that holy day, Guruji, who resides in my heart, assured me that He would heal me. I had divine chai and langar prasad and returned home.

After a week, I realized that my pain had vanished. Now I can't remember the last time it occurred. Guruji—Lord Shiva—has cured me.

Guruji took care of a complaint I made to Him as well.

I was watching the year 2007 Baisakhi function video with my family. Since I had met Guruji only in 2014, I renewed my complaint to Guruji about my late association with Him. I used to often ask Guruji why he called me so late into His sharan. I said I wanted to sit at His charan.

The very next day was Monday. I went to Bade Mandir for His darshan. At the rear of the temple, I bowed down before the swing kept for Guruji. At that moment, I had a spasm in my left knee. I tried to stand up, but I had a muscular spasm in my right knee as well. So, I simply I sat down on the ground besides my Guruji's charan. The spasms were a recurring problem.

I heard Guruji's voice in my inner ear: "Hun vi koi shikayat hai tannu?" (Do you still have any complaint?) I sat there for two minutes and stood up without any difficulty. After that, I didn't have spasms again. Guruji had fulfilled my wish of sitting at His charan -and relieved me of a problem.

I am very thankful to Guruji, for He is the ultimate God. He is my saviour and has saved me from countless problems numberless times.

Guruji saves me from black magic, gets me out of marriage

I was trapped in a difficult and painful marriage. My mother-in-law had used black magic on me—which had plunged me into a severe depression for six months. No medicine could cure me. Then Guruji gave me His holy darshan in my dreams. He had dark circles under His eyes, which scared me.

But after his darshan, I found I did not need to take a single anti-depressant. It took me some time to understand His mahima. When I did, I realized He had taken on my depression. My parents held on to the medication fearing that depression might strike back. The drugs' expired and the depression went away permanently. Today, I am perfectly fine and always smiling in the deep protection of my Guru's sharan.

All this happened in the summer of 2014. In January of 2015, my mom went to Guruji's Bade Mandir to bring jal prasad for me. I didn't have faith in Guruji at that time—I was a fool. I was suffering terribly at the hands of my in-laws and husband. My in-laws were criminal-minded. They didn't want me to stay alive and made every effort to ruin my life. It was my Guruji who took me out of their trap. He saved my life.

As soon as I had the first sip of jal prasad, I heard Guruji asking me: "Kya chahti hai?" I said, "divorce," and Guruji agreed with a "Theek hai." By Guruji's grace, my family supported me. All of our relatives came forward to help us during this difficult time. The divorce procedure went peacefully and I got legally divorced. The amazing thing is I haven't gone to Bade Mandir even once, yet Guruji was guiding me and taking care of me.

Guruji has kept me under His refuge and He won't let anything bad happen to me. He is with me, always. Only He decides where I should go, where I should stay, to whom I should talk or meet. While I was writing this satsang, a strong whiff of Guruji's fragrance came inside our kitchen, where my mom was working. My mom told us and all of us rushed inside the kitchen to get Guruji's blessings.

Guruji heals my Nanaji

My Nanaji (maternal grandfather) was ailing; he had a heart disease. When he was taken to hospital, his arteries were found to be blocked. We were shocked. We all prayed to Guruji. Guruji answered our prayers. I could hear His voice inside me; five times He said: "Kuch nahi hoga tere Nana nu." (Nothing will happen to your grandfather.) I told my mom that Guruji had assured me that everything would be all right. And it was so. My Nanaji got discharged within two days of the operation. He is hale and hearty today.

Guruji always protects His devotees and takes care of them every minute of their lives. Guruji loves His devotees unconditionally. Jai Guruji!

Anjali Sharma, a devotee

December 2016