Firm footsteps in faith

Anjali Rajpal, June 2016
My sister and her husband are devotees of Guruji but I was not a believer. That changed after my father-in-law was diagnosed with fourth-stage cancer in mid-2014. Doctors said there was nothing they could do. My sister suggested that we all should go to Bade Mandir and seek Guruji's blessings and pray for my father-in-law's health.

As I entered Bade Mandir, I felt a positive vibration such as I have never felt before. There was so much peace and calm. Since my father-in-law was not in a position to go to Bade Mandir, we wanted to take langar prasad home for him. We were told it was not probable since prasad is not given packed for home. We were disappointed. My daughter and I had langar prasad and were waiting for the rest of the family when one sevadar came up and asked me if we had had langar. When I said yes, he told us that we could take prasad packed if we wanted it for home. I was pleasantly surprised. We got halwa prasad packed for my father-in-law. A month and a half after our visit, he passed away peacefully. Guruji ensured he didn't have to suffer much during this period.

Saving husband's job and then granting a new one

Six months passed and we didn't get a chance to visit Bade Mandir. However, Guruji was often in my thoughts. In February of 2015, my husband's firm decided to change the management. A new boss was slated to come from America in March, with my husband being asked to go in all likelihood. We were worried. I mustered strength and faith and urged the family towards Bade Mandir.

We all went there and prayed to Guruji. The entire family had tears in their eyes as they made their supplication. I prayed to Guruji wholeheartedly to turn things around and came back home after having langar prasad. Two days later, my husband got a call from his office: sudden new developments meant that his job was secure. We thanked Guruji immensely and my faith in Him grew stronger.

Months passed but the uncertainty with regard to my husband's job continued. He was continually looking out for a new job but not getting good offers. We were worried. In September 2015, he was asked to leave and given four months' salary in lieu of the termination.

Yet I had faith that Guruji would take care of us. We decided to hold our first satsang at home in December 2015 and had a wonderful satsang. The very next day, my husband got a job offer from the US with the kind of profile he was looking for. Guruji had blessed him and our family!

I have many more satsangs to share related to how Guruji changed my life. Guruji is our God and savior. For me, he is everything. Jai Guruji!

[Following section added June 2016]

Guruji takes me from darkness to light

I don't have words to describe my relationship with Guruji. He is my saviour, my lifeline; I remember Him with every breath and love Him deeply.

I have been an anxious and impatient person and, as with most of us, never realized that something was wrong with me. I used to complain and crib about people, circumstances and events frequently. Over a period of time, this habit grew worse. It began affecting my wellbeing and health to the point that I was on the verge of getting depressed. I began feeling that no one loved me, and used to cry on my own at times. My emotional state affected my family and my work and I ended up being scared all the time, be it flying in a plane, or travelling for work. I used to think that the worse would happen to me, and I had inculcated the habit of making stress a part of my life.

Then I came under Guruji's sharan in year 2014, and everything changed drastically. I began going to Bade Mandir regularly once a month and having langar prasad. Every time I prayed silently for Guruji to take me under His sharan and get me out of the mess.

Subtly, Guruji brought about a certain turn of events which made me realize that there was something wrong with me, not with those around. I hated to exercise and wouldn't walk even half a kilometre daily. I was extremely emotional and would cry at a pin prick. But Guruji gave me enough strength to change my habits within a span of two months. I began taking care of myself, my body and mind through exercise, yoga, meditation, lifestyle changes and, of course, with deep faith in Guruji.

By His grace, my entire personality has turned around in half a year. Guruji has not only healed me physically but also mentally. I now lead a stress-free life such as I had never before. I experience the joy of living and this has changed my relationships with everyone around me. Only He can do this and I thank Him infinite times for keeping me in His sharan. He was blessing me and I didn't even come to know how things changed quickly for my betterment.

Guruji continues to bless me in my daily life. One day I was meditating in front of His swaroop and requested Him to keep His hand on my head. After I finished meditating, I sat beside my daughter in my room. Suddenly, she kept her hand on my head and said: "God bless you, Mommy." I was stunned. I asked her what made her do that and she had no answer. I knew it was Him.

I have experienced His beautiful darshan and fragrance many times and this has given me enough strength. He is always with me. (Mere ang sang Guruji.) Jai Guruji!

Anjali Rajpal, a devotee

June 2016