Mera murshid khele Holi

Anirudh Khanna, March 2017
I wanted to have Guruji's swaroop for my home. There is one portrait at the Bade Mandir which I particularly like. Whenever I look at it, I feel incredibly positive. But I didn't know where I could get Guruji's swaroop from the Bade Mandir.

Then one day I heard the song, "Mera murshid khele Holi." (My beloved colours me with His play.) It immediately made me think of Guruji. I closed my eyes and was able to visualize Guruji in attires of different colors. I prayed for a swaroop of Guruji that could support and further my connection with Him. Just then I was struck with the thought that I could actually paint Guruji's swaroop! I am an architect by profession and an artist by temperament.

As I mulled the option, I couldn't understand which portrait I should make because all of Guruji's swaroops are heart-touching. I settled finally on the one that gave me incredible positivity. Before I could google for images of Guruji's swaroop, He showed me the swaroop He wanted me to paint. I had gone to Bade Mandir to take His blessings. That day, I saw the small stall near the parking place where I could get His swaroop! How come I hadn't noticed it ever? I received the same swaroop which sits at the main hall in the mandir.

As an architect I have not been able to spend time honing my painting skills, but I strongly believe that Guruji has His own ways to get His work done. Guruji gave me extra strength so that I could keep up with my daily work and paint in the early morning hours. I would wake up at 4:30 to paint. But after seven days, I realized the portrait wasn't showing Guruji realistically.

I then decided to research how a realistic effect could be achieved in figurative paintings. I came to know of an online tutorial that answered the question. But the lessons were quite expensive, and I was doubtful whether it would be worth improving my painting skills. I asked my roommate whether I should purchase this tutorial for improving my painting. He immediately said that I should purchase it, emphasizing confidently that I should definitely go for it. I didn't tell him about the artist whose tutorial it was and not even its price, but knew it was Guruji who had assented.

I purchased the tutorial and it was worth every rupee. I learnt the skills and applied them to making Guruji's portrait. It was difficult but my faith in Guruji helped me overcome all the hardship. And then one day it felt as if Guruji was Himself sitting on the canvas. It felt so good, and it was a real blessing! Jai Guruji!

Anirudh Khanna, a devotee

March 2017