How Guruji brought good fortune into our life

Ananya Khanna, August 2017
My father did not have a job and we were facing a lot of financial hardship. My mom and dad would consequently fight a lot. The situation worsened each day. At that time, I came to know about Guruji from my mother's sister, or mausi. She recounted how Guruji's grace had helped innumerable people. As a result, I really wanted to go to Bade Mandir. I got my chance on 9th June 2013, when I was living at my maternal grandmother's (nani's) house. I had chai, jal and langar prasad and I felt connected to Guruji. I was at peace in the Mandir. I kept wondering if Guruji would help my family and me.

I told my mom about my experience in Bade Mandir. She ignored me, because she didn't want to believe in Guruji. She was a devotee of Nirmala Devi.

I had faith in Guruji and I knew that He was with us. I pressed my mother to go to the Mandir and she resisted, and so we argued a lot. She went to Bade Mandir on a Monday, but came back unhappy. She said she didn't believe in Guruji and would not go back to the Mandir.

But Guruji has His own way of working out things.

A year later, in 2014, my mother had a road accident. By Guruji's grace, she was saved; only her hand was fractured. After it mended, she went to the Mandir, where she cried a lot. After that day she used to listen to Guruji's satsang daily on YouTube and soon became a true devotee of Guruji.

Guruji comes to our house and...

My mother and I really wanted to host Guruji's satsang, but because of financial problems, we were unable to do a satsang at our house. We used to live in a one-room house and knew it would not be practical to arrange for a satsang there. But then we came across a satsang on a social media site which related how a devotee, facing much the same limitations as us, was able to host a satsang. That was a signal from Guruji to us. Soon, by Guruji's grace, we hosted a satsang at our place on the first of July, 2016.

Incredibly, since that day we haven't faced any financial problems. In fact, we were able to shift from our one-room house to a bigger one. We were even able to buy new furniture. All this due to Guruji's incredible blessings.

...takes us to the US

My maternal aunt lives in the USA. My grandmother, who hadn't seen her since year 2012, when my aunt got married, was planning to visit her. Suddenly, a visit to the US was in our cards. My family applied for visas for my mother and me.

Our interview was slated for May 2017. The day before that we went to Guruji to seek His blessings. We woke up early on D-Day for the interview. My mom confided in me: She told me that last night when she was sleeping, she felt that Guruji had placed His hand on her head. That made us confident that we would get the visa, but we were still nervous about the interview.

The scene at the embassy was not confidence inspiring. As we waited in queue, I saw interviewees being quizzed thoroughly, with differing results. I again got very anxious and told my mother. She told me in no uncertain terms to leave everything to Guruji. (Guruji par chod de sab.)

And, of course, it turned out all right. When our turn came, we were asked very few questions and our visas were approved. The entire process took about 15 minutes–that couldn't have been possible without Guruji's grace. Today, I am writing the satsang from the US. Thank you, Guruji!

He is always there for us and I can't thank Him enough for His blessings. When I look back, I realize how He has lifted us above our previous situation. The only thing I'd like to suggest to the sangat is to follow Guruji's dictum faithfully: Don't ask, but obey.

Ananya Khanna

August 2017