Guruji present in everything I do

Amit Gomes, August 2014
I had been going through a very hard time. My business, my family life, in fact everything I tried, was not succeeding. I was getting depressed, irritated and frustrated. My friend's wife had told me a lot about her experiences with Guruji. However, I did not have much faith in gurus, thinking that most of them were cheats and charlatans. However, at my friend's instance I decided to go to Bade Mandir with him.

We had langar prasad and came back. The next day I smelt the fragrance of fresh flowers in my dream. They smelt exactly like the ones at Guruji's Mandir. I got up, the dream keenly remembered - which is unusual for me - and did not reveal it to anyone, thinking that it was after all a dream. In the evening, I told my wife about what had happened. I spoke to my friend who had taken me to Bade Mandir, and his wife told me that Guruji had blessed me and that he wanted me to keep coming to the Bade Mandir. I began doing so.

To my surprise everything started falling in place at work and in the family. Things stuck for years began working out. I got my confidence and inner peace back.

Though I had to bear losses in work and could not make payments that were due, I had faith in Guruji. And, of course, people began calling me to come and take my money - even those sums that were still a ways from coming due. This had never happened. Guruji was doing His thing again and I realized, as I do anew every time, that Guruji is with me in everything I do.

More business trouble cropped up Guruji sorted it out in His unique manner. A business partner of mine warned me against working in the same market as he did. I was much stressed and did not know how to handle the situation. But Guruji turned it all around in minutes. Twenty minutes after his threatening call, the same partner called me up, asking for my help. The issue was such that only I could have helped him at that point of time. He mellowed down, as I offered him my help and things went right after that.

I am doing very well compared to my condition before I visited Guruji. The turnaround and my continued prosperity and well-being are entirely due to His grace. With His blessings, nothing is impossible. He is omnipresent for His sangat. Have faith in Guruji and things will fall in place. Happenstances that you thought improbable will take place and favour you.

I love you, Guruji, and my love and respect is gaining strength every moment.

Amit Gomes, a devotee

August 2014