One visit to Bade Mandir heals me

Ambrish Kaushik, February 2015
My health was going down last year and I did not know why. I was feverish, and a number of diagnostic tests had been conducted. While we waited for the results, I prayed to Guruji and also decided to go to Bade Mandir.

The weather and the traffic in Delhi were so terrible that it took around four hours to reach the Mandir. When I got down from the car at the Mandir, I felt I was going to faint. But Guruji's grace was quick to reach me. Within no time I was offered jal and then chai and samosa prasad near the shoe counter.

After a while I gathered the strength to go in; Guruji's sewadars helped me on every step. We got langar prasad on priority. I ate it by myself, sitting comfortably on a chair. To my surprise I finished everything on the plate and still wanted to have another helping of kadha prasad. A sewadar soon came over to give me more prasad--my unexpressed wish was fulfilled. A little later I was again given chai and jal prasad.

I took leave of Guruji and called up the driver outside. He didn't respond, so I had to walk out, but by now I easily could.

When I reached home, my wife showed me the reports. I was infected with ten thousand colonies of bacteria. Antibiotics needed to work within 24 hours or I would have to be hospitalised. But after coming from the Mandir, I felt re-energized. Subsequently my fever too came down. So I decided to get the tests redone. To my surprise, and with Guruji's grace, reports showed that I had no infection. Such is Guruji's grace. You only have to knock once at His door and He does whatever is best for us. Jai Guruji!

Ambrish Kaushik, a devotee

February 2015