Guruji blesses us

Alka Gupta, May 2014
Around three years ago, my brother-in-law told us about Guruji. We live near Los Angeles in California, and had no knowledge of any other devotees, shabads or satsangs. Our introduction to Guruji was through His website Initially, we were apprehensive and found it difficult to believe in divinity in the shape of a person. However, I have been doing Shivji's puja since my childhood and have always found peace in Shivji.

I was slightly depressed during those days, as my elder son was about to leave for a hostel. My husband and I were worried about him.

I was going out for a walk in the evening one day, feeling very lonely and depressed, with my husband having declined to accompany me. As I was stepping out, I thought that if Guruji existed then I should find a friend to walk with me.

As soon as I reached the main road, I saw a beautiful lady. Her hair was open and her eyes were expressive. She was carrying her sandals in one hand and lots of flowers in the other. She was wearing a long pretty floral dress. She said "There you are" and started walking with me. Her appearance was surprising; typically no one walks bare feet with flowers in their hand here.

The woman told me she had got the flowers from the mountains when I admired them. We walked together for about 15 minutes and then she needed to make a phone call. I showed her a Starbucks from a distance and she walked towards it. As I turned back to check if she had reached the coffee house, I could not see her.

By that time it was almost dark. Suddenly, two huge dogs came towards me. They were Coyotes, mountain foxes, and were looking me straight in the eye. I thought I am gone and in my fear began chanting "Jai Guruji" in my heart. Suddenly, the Coyotes turned away. I ran home.

I reached home and called my brother-in-law. He told me that Guruji's presence could still be felt by sangat members and that He was very much there. I apologised to Guruji for unknowingly challenging Him as I had set out for the walk.

With Guruji's grace, I came to Delhi and visited Bade Mandir for the first time in August 2011. We prayed to Guruji to increase His devotees in Los Angeles and a week after returning found two Guru parivaars. Since then we have regular satsangs in Orange County and LA and the sangat too is increasing.

We have been blessed by Guruji through various experiences. We have experienced His fragrance in our home many times. On Shivratri of 2013, Guruji's face formed on a shivlinga in a temple.

A beautiful day with Guruji

With Guruji's blessings our family went on a tour of Europe in December 2013. We went from Florence to Pisa on a day trip via the train. Rain had been predicted for the day and we were worried it would play spoilsport. My husband told our son to not worry; Guruji would take care of everything.

Guruji's grace was with us. We sighted 'SHIVA' written as graffiti on the walls of many buildings. And when I turned on the shabads on my shuffle-I usually listen to shabads on my phone when we are travelling-the first shabad which came was "Guru Pure Meri Lakh Layee".

When we reached Pisa, it was as if the rain had just stopped. We saw the leaning tower of Pisa and the Cathedral. It was 25th December and a beautiful service was going inside for Christmas. I felt Guruji had taken us there on that specific day. Seven candles were lit on the altar and since seven is a number associated with Guruji, I bowed to His Lotus Feet.

It did not rain as long as we were outside but just as we entered a restaurant, it began to. Guruji takes care of us like a mother. He has His protective umbrella over all of us. Guruji alone knows since how many births we have been associated with Him, but I thank Him every minute of this life.

Alka Gupta, a devotee

May 2014