Guruji, please cure me

Akhil Khare, May 2012
Our family believes in God and also worships Lord Shiva. We knew about Guruji since 2002, but found it impossible to believe the claim that Guruji was an incarnation of Lord Shiva and could cure everything. I had been hearing of Guruji from colleagues in my office then, but it took us three years to believe in Him.

I was living a happy, married life. I had been posted abroad for a few years and was blessed with a son. But year 1999 came with a host of problems. Most serious was the multi-organ, drug-resistant tuberculosis that affected my abdomen, chest and brain. I was being treated in many institutions -- AIIMS, Batra, and Sitaram hospitals -- and by many doctors, but I was not getting well.

The day came when I felt that I would not survive. I became very depressed since none of the medicines were working.

During the end of 2005, I met Col. (retd.) D.S. Chatterjee, an old-time devotee of Guruji and astrology maven, and requested him to alleviate my problem through some astrological remedy. Perhaps he would advise me on a precious stone or metal that I could wear as a ring and which would take care of my condition. Not so. Col. Chatterjee listened carefully to my tale of suffering and promptly advised me to go to Guruji. I followed his advice.

I regularly went to Empire Estate for Guruji's weekly blessings through the winter of 2005. I simply sat in a corner and prayed in my mind: "Guruji, please cure me." I would eat the langar prasad and come back in the night. I had visited Guruji only three-four times when His strong fragrance was suddenly felt at my home. My wife was surprised. How and from where was this fragrance coming? Guruji's fragrance continued to be felt a few more times at our home. Whenever I came back from His temple, I was full of energy and strength--that had been sapped by illness.

I had not spoken more than a few times to Guruji about my disease, and Guruji had said, "Ho jayagi (It will be cured)." Meanwhile, my company couldn't post me overseas due to my illness. Even though I was loath to go, I asked to have at least one trip outside India. That desire was fulfilled when I went for a trip to London.

And then, miracle of miracles, two years after meeting Guruji, towards the end of year 2007, I was totally cured of tuberculosis.

Guruji's protection extended to my family. That very year my family and I had gone to Shimla. At that time, my younger son was a toddler, only one and a half years old. During an outing, he abruptly ran close to the edge of a steep drop to the valley floor and was about to fall headlong. But Guruji was taking care. My son suddenly stopped and turned back. Guruji had saved our younger son.

An year later, Guruji came to his rescue again. He unexpectedly fainted due to an illness and showed no sign of life for a few minutes. My wife simple remembered Guruji; and my younger son soon came to life.

My confidence increased tremendously as a result of Guruji's blessings and I started looking for a new, good job. My wish was fulfilled around year 2008.

My wife also started going to Guruji's Bade Mandir. She felt Guruji's fragrance there many times and had a blissful experience. Guruji's blessings are endless. We pray that Guruji's kripa continues to be with all of us forever.

Akhil Khare (an executive with Siemens)

May 2012