First-class grace for exams

Ms. Akanksha, September 2013
It was nearly the end of January, and my board exams were to begin in March. Yet, my studies for the economics paper were not complete. On the 25th of January, I shared my problem with Guruji and went to sleep. The very next day, I got a message that the examination timetable had changed.

I didn't take it seriously: there is typically a plethora of such messages making the rounds before examinations. And, since this was a board exam, it was quite difficult to believe that the timetable had changed. Still I went on the board's website and searched, but there was no information related to the exam schedule.

Then I came to know that there was news related to the board exams, but by the time I switched on the TV, the news program was over. I waited for the next day and read in the newspapers that the timetable had actually changed: The economics exam had been postponed and a further eleven days had been granted for its preparation. I knew it was Guruji who had done it. I cleared the exam with marks in the first class. Jai Guruji!

Ms. Akanksha, a devotee based in Mumbai

September 2013