Guruji shows the way

Abhay Lamba, September 2013
I came to know about Guruji through a friend, Amit, around April 2013. I was working in an MNC and happy with my life. Office politics would always play spoiler though. I would come to know of things ascribed and attributed to me that I was not involved in. My boss would then cross check these through other colleagues, which put me under constant pressure. I kept working and things slowly came to a head. Suddenly, I had no work. In the corporate world, sitting idle and withdrawing a salary signals great difficulty ahead.

On July 17, I was asked to resign. I was told that the company was cutting its workforce and my name was in the list of people that had to leave. The HR manager assured me that I was an asset to the organisation and taking me out had been a hard decision. In recompense, he added, the firm would give me three months' salary and put in a good word for me if required.

It was in August, on a Monday, that I first came to Guruji's Bade Mandir. I had Guruji's darshan when I saw Guruji's impression on Shivji's murti. I had chai prasad and went back along with my friend Amit. I kept thinking about the event and looked up Guruji on the internet and came to know a lot about His holy grace.

At that time I was searching for jobs but to no avail as the Indian economy was not doing well, with the rupee falling severely against the dollar. I had knowledge of Forex trading though and made up my mind to get involved in it. It was better than sitting idle at home.

I started trading from August 2013 and doubled my initial investment within seven to ten days. I was all praises for Guruji, and asked Him if I should continue with trading, and in my mind felt Guruji was saying yes.

I quickly came to realise that if I searched for jobs while I did trading, I would end up losing trades. At times, I would not earn anything during the day, which was frustrating. But I'd pray to Guruji and recover.

Around this time, I went to Guruji's Bade Mandir on a Saturday with my wife. There was a lot of sangat. Suddenly, I had a doubt: What if the langar got finished? I would have to find a food joint at night if I didn't get langar.

I was the biggest fool to question divine providence. As events proved, when we were asked to go and sit for langar, the row that we were going to sit with walked out of the langar hall-and we along with them. Thereafter, we could only manage jal prasad. I immediately apologised to Guruji for my stupidity in questioning His langar. I went back that day without langar and had to buy paranthas in the night.

I was still uneasy with Forex trading, even as I fruitlessly searched for jobs online and through friends. I mentally asked Guruji if I should continue or search for a job. The question was answered soon.

On September 11, I made a trade that resulted in a huge loss. I lost emotional control and cried in front of Guruji. Why me, I asked Him, and prayed that He show me the way. I made a promise too: If Guruji would turn the loss into profit for me, I would follow His way. Soon I got back what I had lost. And Guruji showed me the way to the future He has chosen for me. Jai Guruji!

Abhay Lamba, a devotee

September 2013