Satguru pyara mere naal hai

Aarti Gupta, August 2015
The second of August, year 2012, Shravani Poornima, Rakshabandhan: The most fortunate day of my life, when Guruji chose to make me aware of the supreme hand of blessing on me and my family and tied us in a divine and eternal bandhan of raksha and prem. The connection was immediate, an inexplicable feeling that is beautifully blossoming each day. Within three months of His divine call, He saved my elder son from three major car accidents. He has extended the life of my father, has cured three-fourths of my diabetes in a single day and blesses our family in innumerable ways continuously. Many of His blessings are so sublime that we do not even come to know about them. He is an unending reservoir of love and gives, gives and gives alone, without asking for anything in return except for our complete surrender. His love touches each and every chord of my heart.

Before His presence, I had lost the spirit to carry on. I felt that I had been rowing the boat of my life for a long, long time and now had just no energy left. There was no sight of shore and I was lying lifeless in my hole-ridden boat in the midst of a vast ocean. And then Guruji arrived, made me aware that I need not worry, I was not alone and that He would take over. Satguru pyaara mere naal hai [My beloved Satguru is with me.] He has filled up all the holes in my lifeboat, brought me nearer to the shore and is rowing it, with all His might, towards its final destination. Tears of gratitude flow down my eyes as words can never express the raksha sutra (tie of security) with which the Lord has bound me with Him. I have no idea which punya of mine made me worthy of being His loving child.

When love decreases in one's life, a person becomes insecure and wanders far away from their true self. Guruji's love transforms such wandering souls. This divine transformation has begun in me. With His hand of love on my head, I feel very secure, fulfilled and happy. Situations and people are the same but my reactions have become balanced, my innate goodness has been restored. Slowly, I have started loving myself. Guruji's motherly care and fatherly protection have removed all the worries from my mind. I know He is there with me each and every moment and I need not worry about any thing in the world now.

Na kuch poocha, na kuch maanga; tune dil se diya jo diya
Na kuch bola, na kuch tola; muskurake diya jo diya
Tu hi dhoop tu hi chhaya, tu hi apna paraya
Aur kuch na jaanu; bas itna hi jaanu
Tujhme Rab dikhta hai, yaara main kya karoon
Sajde sar jhukta hai, yaara main kya karoon.

He accepts us with all our faults, loves unconditionally and showers whatever is good for us without holding anything back. He keeps back just one thing-all our ills, leaving just 10 per cent for us to bear. Just think: Ninety per cent of the bad karmas of each sangat member are suffered by our dearest Guruji. He undergoes so much pain for the sake of our happiness. Even then He smiles, reassuring all of us, that He is there with us each moment to help us bear the small remainder of our bad karmas. What can I write about this purest form of love? Is it humanly possible? He answers the silent prayer of every sincere heart in His own amazing ways, telepathically or by sending divine messages at the right time, at the right place to the right person. His kripa never fails.

Each and every moment is Guruji's satsang. I am truly blessed that my soul is in His eternal sharan. His protection is ultimate, His healing powers divine (Vaidyanath) and He is the epitome of love and compassion. I cannot imagine a single moment of my life without His boundless affection and aseem kripa. May Guruji bless all and keep making me more and more worthy of being His child.

Mainu sewadaaran di jamaat wich rakheen;
Mainu mere malika aukat wich rakheen

Guruji's laadli Aarti Gupta

August 2015