Praise the Lord always

Aanchal Chopra, November 2014
This is my faith: There is a supreme power that is blessing me in each and every sphere of my life. After coming to Guruji's, my life has taken a U-turn for the better. It has become simpler and more devoted. I owe everything in my life--from my job to difficult relationships that He straightened out--to Guruji. Most importantly, Guruji makes you aware of your karma. He helps you humble yourself and restrains you from committing mistakes in action and thought even as He inspires you to do and follow the good. The soul is purified and feels clean. The intensity of love I feel for him makes me speak about Him with people who come in contact with me. I tell them He is my Lord and that I have no words to praise Him.

His blessings are always with me. Jai Guruji!

Aanchal Chopra, a devotee

November 2014